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Where Passion Meets Education

Where Passion Meets Education

Where Passion Meets EducationWhere Passion Meets EducationWhere Passion Meets Education

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 We recognize that each child develops at his/her own pace and we value the developmental “process” more than the finished “products” of each child.                       By allowing children to follow their own developmental timeline they feel a sense of accomplishment and wonder about what they are learning. 

And more importantly, they develop a growing desire to learn more.

We believe that children are able to learn more when they are “playing”. We take advantage of the many teachable moments that happen during play time by asking open-ended questions and proposing different levels of challenges to the children as they play. It is amazing how many ways the children can problem-solve when put to the task of having to transport their favorite dinosaur to the moon. Many valuable learning experiences happen during play time in our program.

Studies show, and we know, that children learn and retain more information through hands-on activities. We provide a wonderful variety of hands-on activities that promote science, math, pre-reading, pre-writing, gardening, cooking, art and so much more. We also offer group activities that help develop positive social skills and foster a sense of community among our students. 

We strongly believe in partnering with the parents/guardians to help each child reach their full potential in our program. To this end, we meet with the parents/guardians in the beginning of the year to go over our Assessment and develop a personalized learning plan for each child in our program. We also encourage you to seek out volunteer opportunities within our program throughout the year.



S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities are incorporated into our daily curriculum. Children are encouraged to explore their environment with hands-on engaging activities that promote literacy, problem solving, and collaboration skills.

Our students also engage in daily gross motor challenges to help improve their balance and coordination. Pre-writing and pre-reading activities ensure a solid foundation for academic learning. Drama and music round off our curriculum and help support our students’ emotional and social development. All these activities are designed to prepare your child to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Preschool Playground




Sunol Glen Unified School  District recognized the need for a high-quality preschool program to prepare kids for Kindergarten.

 In response to this need Sunol Glen Preschool was created in 2007.

We serve children 3 – 6 years old who are fully potty trained. The preschool is open from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. We offer full-time and a limited number of part-time schedules. We operate on the same 180-day school calendar of Sunol Glen Unified. 

The calendar may be downloaded by visiting the Sunol Glen School website at

Our class consists of up to 24 children with 3 teachers which allow us to have a 1:8 teacher/child ratio. The State only requires us to have a 1:12 teacher/child ratio. Our smaller ratio allows us to give more individual attention to every child and thus helps us teach them more effectively.  Our classroom is set up with a variety of learning centers that provide hands-on activities that promote the necessary skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Our outdoor classroom consists of a variety of climbing structures that encourage large muscle development, coordination and balance all set in the beautiful country landscape of trees that are older than all of us. Another part of our outdoor classroom is our large garden area that we share with the students of Sunol Glen School. Our students are always growing something out there!

Daily schedule



Typical Daily Schedule

8:30 Greeting Circle Time

8:45 Outside Gross Motor Play

9:30 Bathroom Visit, Snack

10:00 Learning Circle Time

10:15 Work Shop Rotations

11:00 Free Choice 

11:30 Music & Movement, 

Story Time

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Nap Time set-up

 Bathroom Visit

Nap Time

Quiet Learning Activities

2:45 Story Time, Dismissal  

Enrichment Activities


 Other enrichment activities include regular visits to School Library, 

PE Class and Garden Class. We also incorporate Hand Writing Without Tears and Zoo Phonics curriculum into our weekly schedule. 

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Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed